Trondheim, Norway

Well, a short disclaimer:

Umeå is a nice city, you have plenty of nature surrounding it and apart from that – not that much. That’s actually one of the hardest things for me, as I’m used to be able to change my environment within a short distance. From Umeå you need about 3 hours to the next interesting city and this city is still smaller than Umeå. The next bigger city is probably Stockholm, at least the easiest to travel to by public transport (incl. plane), but when you don’t want to fly it means 6h on the fast train and you have no money left to see anything. This being in the middle of nowhere is nice, and I like it for some months, but after four months I needed a change, so we drove together to Trondheim. We is Sweden, Sweden again, Moldovia, France and Germany (me), so the group was already well mixed. We had a car and a swedish chauffeur, of cause!

_DSC1238_DSC1236_DSC1269_DSC1280I guess touristpicture #1

_DSC1287_DSC1308_DSC1343_DSC1351_DSC1362the following hipsteristic architecture performance reminds me a lot of this piece here.

_DSC1365_DSC1368_DSC1385_DSC1386_DSC1430norwegian student housing is amazing! each house has 2 appartments with 4 rooms each (+ sanitary). the rooms have a second floor so you get the most of the space. obviously that does not apply to all student houses but still.

_DSC1504_DSC1564_DSC1567who looks the weirdest?…


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