uni.li visual communication for architects

Finally something from my studies here in Liechtenstein. The system here is similar to the one in Sweden where you have three big blocks for the courses during a Semester.

Each course has around 4-5 long lectures/seminars that end with the examination (test, presentation, portfolio, whatever). Because of that I’m already finished with two courses. One of them is Philosophy of Architecture – very interesting, but nothing to show here – and the other one is Visual Communication for Architects. In the course we had a look at differnt ways to express ourselfs and present our work.

In one of the seminars we had to present a technical object torn apart and fixed on a board. I had an old radio that I got for free because it’s first of all ugly and furthermore broken. You can see a sketch of it on the back of the brochure on the pictures below. “Funny” story: I was looking for a broken device at an local electronic shop and after I persuaded the staff I got a “broken” device. The machine I got didn’t say anything to me. I know brother as a printer brand, but I had no clue what this grey machine is for. Six AAA-batteries later I found out that it’s not a broken but working label printer. Now I have a label printer for free, including a full casette of labels.

The final work to hand in is this “Broster”, a combination of brochure and poster. By cutting and later folding the poster you can read it as a brochure. The topic had to be related to our object as well as an emotion that we discussed about in the seminars before. For me that was the radio and “anger”. The poster should be a poster and the brochure should work as a poster as well if you unfold the brochure, therefore we focused on infographs that work both ways. With a little help from Photoshop the “Broster” below emerged. Another kind of “Broster” is this.


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