UMA upcycled model building PT2


The second model with a scale 1:20 is a plain base with the tiny house on top. I used again scrap wood, mainly cheap spruce from single use pallets for example. Cut the boards in strips of 15mm and used the fine plane to sand them with right angles basically. Those long sticks, up to 1m long get cut again into cubes of 3 x 1,5 x 1,5 (cm). It’s theoretically extendable as long as there are cubes. Practically the wood works and it becomes slightly uneven along the borders, eventually it’s too wavy.

Before glueing I arranged the pixel on a board to see how it would look. The cardboard model on the left is an early stage of my Master Thesis.

After sanding, the board was lying around for a while, inviting to experiment with other things that I collected to upcycle – used computer keyboard keys that I found on several keyboards in the trash. The backside of the board is still unsanded and also has an interesting texture, unfortunately it has some glue stains as well, which are manageable, but the smooth surface has a very nice character too.


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