UMA upcycled model building PT1


As part of my Master Thesis in Architecture, I built several models, the two final models are build from scrap wood that would have otherwise been thrown away. A lot of the wood was simply in bad outer shape or so small that it would be hard to fit it to another project. I enjoyed using the great workshop at UMA and have to thank Håkan in particular for his practical help.

The idea of using scrap wood is also used in my Master Thesis and continues in the models. The idea is to show examples on how beautiful trash can become. The different patterns show the different plots next to the thesis site.

I cut left overs from a former plywood board in little pieces. The random lengths come from the variety of board sizes and it would have been much easier with continuous pieces.

I glued them vertically, the later ones were glued horizontally, as the liquid glue makes the pieces move under pressure, which you usually want to prevent.

Håkan showed me how to use the open plane. It took me roughly two hours to plane everything as I had to be very careful with the grain direction and worked in 0,1mm steps. Later I cut the backside with a bandsaw to make the piece lighter.

This is the result of the little plywood pieces. It took me three days to come to this point and helped me a lot to improve my glueing techniques.

The yellow plywood is from construction plywood and was easier to glue as it was available in longer sizes.

Before sanding the quite uneven pieces. The centered brown piece (beech) is the later plot, a veneer on top of spruce.

Before cutting and adding the trees, buildings and my intervention.

The trees are actually from used tracing paper, you can see the slim lines of my sketches. Today the board is a table for my LP player.

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