UMA Master Thesis

In May 2017 I graduated as Master of Fine Arts in Architecture in the program “Laboratory of Sustainable Architecture Production” (LSAP) at Umeå School of Architecture.

Presentation setting | 7 posters with a hight of 1,70m | 3 models (1:1, 1:20, 1:200)

As project I planned a extremely tiny house for Felix, whom I already build the greenhouse with. Images of the model building process are here and here. As little abstract for the blog:

The tiny house, with a volume of maximal 20m3 was planned for Felix garden, where he’s starting to build up an organic vegetable delivery. Visit his homepage! The size was limited by the states building regulations and the fact that it’s arable land. Our both aim was to use upcycled materials like wood, wool, boards and as a very unique thing, Tetra-Paks. As it is in the middle of nowhere it’s also partly autonomous, even though a lot of functions got reduced and it’s not meant as a constant residence.

Following is my Master Thesis that I printed and binded myself. I used the Swiss brochure as binding method to ensure its durability. You can also download the thesis book here (please use 2-page view when you scroll through – won’t make sense otherwise)! For those who just want to see how it looks:

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